La Casa Artist Residency


I really admire clever advertising. A poignant advert on TV that catches your attention. A subtle play on words. A great photograph. However, the most interesting campaign I’ve come across recently is Australian creative haven La Casa Artist Residency.

Tucked behind the palm trees in Byron Bay, Australia, La Casa is a beach house where artists can come together to paint, surf, make films, write songs and generally absorb inspiration from one another. But these aren’t just any creatives. Guests have included Kelly Slater (who recorded a song while there), Roxy girl Kassia Meador, indie band The Temper Trap, the guys from Saturday Surf NYC,  plus many more.

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Everyday life is filmed by Taylor Steele, director of the famous Momentum and all-round top surf filmmaker – then published on La Casa’s website. Video clips are mixed in with great design work, interesting photography and short fun Q&As with residents.

So, how did this artists’ haven come to be? It’s all sponsored by Corona Extra Australia. Clever, no?


Corporate sponsorship can devalue a project. It turns people off, they lose faith in the concept’s roots – particularly when it comes to the surf industry.  Global giants have long been taking the aspirational image of surfing and using it to sell products. And real surfers don’t like it.

But Corona deserve some credit here. La Casa is subtle and interesting. It taps into surf culture without exploiting or over-exposing it. Real talent is promoted. They’ve managed created a project with real creative merit behind it.

croppedimage856482-Dylan-Natas-La-Casa-1 croppedimage856482-Dylan-Natas-La-Casa-3

If you haven’t already checked it out, La Casa Artist Residency has their blog here – but also an Instagram feed that’s really worth a follow.

All photos from La Casa Artist Residency.


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