The art of surf posters

Surf posters lend themselves perfectly to graphic design. Clean lines, block patterns and citrus colours capture the warm essence of tropical surfing. Here’s a few of my recent favourites poster finds:

Rio_de_Janeiro01_New_Zealand_01 104585 0634128b9571bf4ea482b9286717b481

b497191e7e6e2aa5ee42aabd2fa2d58f color-surf-graphic-design-poster hawaii_60_continental


From top to bottom: Rio de Janiero by Tom Veiga, Score Surfing by Bruce Doscher, Australia Surf Club by Gert Sellheim, Sunshine & Swell Lines, They R Forecasting Surf by Katherine Maclaine, Colour Surf Graphic Design Studio by Marty McColgan, Vintage Hawaii Continental,  Surfing Poster by Hey Coso, San Diego Surf Challenge 2012 by Addison Smyth.


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