3 must-see modern surf documentaries


Step Into Liquid
If you’re looking for a break from endless footage of surfers shredding tropical waves, watch Step Into Liquid. Even the most apathetic viewers will be hooked within five minutes.

Directed by Dana Brown (son of documentary legend Bruce Brown), this 90-minute documentary dips in and out of surf cultures around the world. It dispels myths and delves into the stories behind real surfers – from big wave hunters crashing down a 60ft giant 100 miles off the coast of California to tiny kids making their first pop-up on a foam board.

Brown takes you to places  you didn’t think surf even existed. Take Texas, for example, where avid riders chase oil tankers to catch their wake and score a two-mile ride. The best part about it? You can watch the entire film for free on YouTube.

Here & Now
Shot in a single day by 25 filmmakers, Here & Now captures a day in the life of surfers across the world. From the moment they wake up and brush their teeth to those final sleepy moments as they climbing back into their sleeping bags at midnight, this film pieces together the everyday reality of being a surfer.

Clever editing takes this film from being an ordinary snapshot of the everyday to an enthralling portrait of surf life – with unusual shots and a really great soundtrack. Watch the trailer below or buy the DVD here. 

P.S. Concept seem familiar? It’s borrowed from Life in a Day, an equally engrossing (non-surf) film capturing human life across the world.

The Endless Winter
Forget crystal-clear water and riding in bikinis. This film will resonate with every British surfer that has battled through icy water, drizzly mist and chunky sets to catch a wave. Mark Harris and Mitch Corbett follow the coastline, digging deep to discover the roots behind our country’s unusual surf scene – and combining it with a slice of surfing history.

Surf aficionados may think they have heard it before but this well-researched documentary reveals more about British surfing than you might think. Watch the trailer below or buy the DVD here.



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